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Odile proud to experience Echo Park Craft Fair in LA

Odile Jacobs was proud to take part in the Echo Park Craft Fair, an organisation that was founded a decade ago by friends Beatrice Valenzuela and Rachel Craven. As working artists and mothers they were seeking to create a space to connect with their local creative community. This year, hosting over 150 artists, they attracted thousands of guests to “provide a vibrant gathering place for a circle of artists to commune, share and inspire.”

As an artist herself, Odile is the perfect embodiment for the values of the Fair, aiming to inspire women to truly find their inner selves with her timeless yet bold garments. In an interview with a spokeswoman from the fair, Odile spoke to her own inspiration for her unique styles, saying “Fashion was trapped in uniform colours and styles. The return of the need to wear colours and comfortable apparel called to me and was my drive force from the start. As a result, it felt natural to marry the authentic fabrics of my roots and the sobriety of the styles inspired by our Flemish cultural background.”

The Fair has a strong opinion on the ethics of production, one which Odile shares, emphasizing her vision for creating one of a kind, non-mass-produced pieces, the fabrics of which can be catered for by fellow crafts (wo-)men in Africa.

As a platform that sets out to inspire, support and share vibrant art from various creative backgrounds, the founders of the fair were ecstatic to welcome Odile Jacobs

“Joining us from Bruges, Belgium, Odile Jacobs brings her stunningly colorful, geometric pieces to our Fair this season. We couldn’t be more honored to have her.”

The Echo Park Craft Fair kicked off on Friday the 6th December with an evening of treats, cocktails, and music while mingling with the artists. The Preview Party took place in support of Inner City Arts, an oasis of learning, achievement, and creativity for young people, located on LA’s Skid Row. The main full days of the fair on Saturday and Sunday showcased many first-time artists and inspired thousands of visitors.